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Hi there Henry Stevens PGA founder/owner of the Golf Clinic

I started the Golf Clinic from scratch in August 2006 as I felt a need to provide the Golfing market with a Golf tuition model the delivered what it needed.Something that represented true value to the client  and more importantly delivered an easy and efficient success formula that worked for anyone.

The core of my teaching revolves around what I term as being " the three critical positions" these three critical positions are common to all the pro's irrespective of their Coaches and their coaching methods and once attained deliver consistency and added distance.

Once you have established the basics of grip, aim, posture I can then show you how to achieve these three critical positions you will create your own consistent Golf swing and thats why this formula works for anyone.

This can be done without even hitting balls in fact you are better off not to in the early stages of your practice. Simply by doing repetitive exercises ( Swing Drills) you will achieve a lot in a very short time.

Hundreds of client's have experience what the Golf Clinic delivers over these past years which has been a very rewarding experience for both party's.

Have you ever bought a Club in the hope it will do for you what it does for the Touring professional?

Investing in some sound knowledge of the golf swing will work far better I can assure you. For the cost of the latest model driver or even a high end putter you can purchase a package of lessons that would set you on the right path to success and make your game far more enjoyable. Lets face it if you aren't playing golf to a level of consistency that you expect you end up giving the game up and those dream set of clubs end up gathering dust in the back of the garage or the beloved garden shed.

So that being said instead of buying that next Club invest in some knowledge on how to use the ones you already have.

The Golf Clinic has 4 components to the way it delivers information to the Golfer they are :

ยท         The aboutGolf Golf Simulator

  •  Swinger Dual Camera motion analysis
  •  Henry Griffitts equipment and Fitting System
  • Ignitegolf/United golf club on line Video archive's

Our Location is 244c Canning Highway Como at the corner of South Tce and Canning H/way (opp the Como Hotel)