About Ignite
Ignite Golf is Australian owned and operated and is part of the Golf Group.
Ignite golf has a proud 12 year history in providing golfers of all ages and levels the access to quality PGA Instructors as well as providing the student with the ability to view and compare their swings online.
Ignite golf has 20 venues around the country and is growing rapidly through its varying partner programs.
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Our Instructors
Ignite Golf has over 50 PGA qualified instructors around the country who are all motivated to help you enjoy the game and improve your golf. Our PGA instructors are all trained through the Australian Professional Golfers’ Association trainee program and then are carefully selected and further trained by the venues that they teach in. Whatever state you are in, you can be sure that an Ignite Golf Instructor is not far away.

Our Venues
Ignite Golf has selected 20 venues around the country as our preferred partners.
These venues all show an exceptional ability to teach the game of golf and provide you the student with a friendly and enjoyable environment to learn and improve your game.
You can be assured that if you are booking a lesson through Ignite that your lesson experience will be one that you will enjoy and recommend.

Mission statement
Ignite Golf strives to grow golf participation though better connecting golfers of all ages and levels with instructors that are passionate and highly skilled in teaching the game of golf.

Growing Golf Participation
Ignite Golf strives to grow golf participation by making it easier for people wanting to learn the game to find and get access to the best PGA instructors available at venues all around Australia.
Ignite Golf has linked over 100,000 customers to PGA Instructors and continues to make this easier with our online booking system.

Play with a Golf Pro
Ignite Golf offers “Play with a pro” experiences that are available upon request.
Whether it be a one on one or with a group of your friends the experience of playing with a pro can not only be fun but a great learning experience on how to play your course better.

Professionals are also available by request for corporate golf days.
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Advertise with us
The average age of people having golf lessons is between 35- 65. This is a target demographic that many companies want to target.
Advertising opportunities are available with Ignite Golf including website banner ads and database marketing.
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